Connecting seafood lovers across the globe to our network of harvesters and small boat fisheries. Wellfleet Shellfish Company is dedicated to supplying our customers with top quality seafood while supporting business practices that respect our vendors, employees and marine resources.

We take pride in distributing sustainably harvested ocean fresh seafood worldwide.

About WSC

Wellfleet Shellfish Company is a HACCP, FDA, and MRAG Americas certified shellfish and seafood wholesale company based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We follow the highest standards for seafood safety established by the FDA's seafood inspection program. We buy our products direct from local fishing families and small boat fisheries. Local sourcing means no middleman mark-ups for our customers and fresh to market grades.

Benefits of Wet Storage

Our unique wet storage system allows us to store shellfish in sea water sourced directly from Wellfleet Harbor. We have the ability to purge sand from our shellfish, extending shelf life and ensuring that our products are fresh as the day they were harvested. Keeping shellfish in the same water where it was harvested produces a superior quality product and continual supply all year, even during the lean months.

Wild and Farmed Oysters

All of our oysters are sustainably harvested out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Exposure to the cold, nutrient rich water of the North Atlantic and extreme tides produces clean, healthy, thick-shelled, flavorful oysters all year long. We are able to secure these unique varieties fresh from local farmers because of our close proximity to Wellfleet, MA.

Oyster varieties

Wellfleet, Truro, Provincetown, Eastham, Brewster, Orleans, Chatham, Cotuit, Barnstable and others. Cocktails and selects available. Year round availability.

Hard Clams

We source all of our all-natural clam varieties directly from local fishermen, ensuring superior quality, taste and year round availability.

Clam varieties

Gem/Pasta, Countnecks, Littlenecks, Topnecks, Cherrystones, Chowder/Quahogs, Bloods, Razors, Surfs. Year round availability.

Live Lobsters

Cape Cod is known for its production of high quality, hard-shell lobsters. Our holding tank allows us to inventory and ship all sizes and grades. Let us help you run your lobster program- whether its Fed Ex or LD-3's - we can pack and ship for you.

Live Sea Scallops

Another advantage to working with small day-boat fishing families - we have access to super healthy, high quality live sea scallops. With help from our certified wet-storage tanks, we ensure that the shelf-life of our scallops will surpass those from second-hand buyers every time. This is why chefs around the country put our Cape Cod live seas on their menus.

Scallop Meats

Fishing for just hours from dock to dock, our day boat scallop meats are truly still moving when we offload our boats. This means your customers will experience the freshness every time. These meats sell themselves. Ask about the vessels we work with.

Live Surf Clams

Caught by our own in-shore dredge vessel, this small scale fishery gently pumps surf clams from the clear waters of Cape Cod Bay. These beautiful monster clams are purged, hand packed, and inspected for a premium clean live quality. A real treat on any menu!