• Bluefin Tuna

  • Yellowfin Tuna

  • Hamachi

  • Wild Shrimp

  • Monk Fish - Large Whole, Small Whole, Livers

  • Bluefish – Whole, Fillet

  • Skate - Wings

  • Flounder

  • Fluke

  • Squid

  • Live Lobsters

  • Scallops - U-10, U-12, 10/20, 20/30, 30/40, Live Scallops

  • Mussels

  • Sea Urchins

  • Whelk Smooth

  • Whelk Knobby

  • Moon Snails


Wellfleet Shellfish Company


All of our oysters are sustainably harvested from the pristine waters off Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  Exposure to the cold, nutrient rich water of the North Atlantic and extreme tides produces  clean, healthy, thick-shelled, flavorful oysters all year long.  We are able to secure these unique varieties fresh from local farmers because of our close proximity to Wellfleet, MA.

Oyster varieties:  Wellfleet, Eastham, Cotuit, Barnstable. Cocktails and selects also available.  Year round availability.


Our clams are sustainably gathered from the pristine waterways of Cape Cod, MA.  We source all of our all-natural clam varieties directly from local fishermen, ensuring superior quality, taste and year round availability.

Clam varieties:  Gem/Pasta, Countnecks, Littlenecks, Topnecks, Cherrystones, Chowder/Quahogs, Blood, Razor, Surf, Steamer/Softshell, Frying, Chopped.  Year round availability.